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Trauma Centre

Newcastle, New South Wales

Our psychologists and counsellors are trained in the Heal For Life model of trauma recovery.

We honour the survivor perspective and your own self-knowledge to ensure you find safety, understanding and hope in our services.

Trauma can cause mental illness and addiction

Some of the common challenges we support people to heal from include depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-harm, eating disorders and substance abuse.

Research shows that the majority of people who experience mental illness have experienced trauma. Childhood trauma physically affects the way our brain develops which impacts how we think, how we process emotions and our behaviour. 

If you’re experiencing overwhelming emotional pain or struggling to cope with ‘normal life’ our experienced psychologists and counsellors can help you to understand what you’re experiencing, heal your trauma and feel ‘normal’ and happy again.

We help you to overcome the emotional and mental challenges of childhood trauma

At the Trauma Centre our approach is to hear and understand your concerns, provide support, help you to understand your trauma responses, how to navigate triggers in your daily life, and how to heal them. We believe you can work through these challenges, become more in charge of your life and experience a new level of empowerment.We can help you to:
  • Overcome trauma and its effect on your life
  • Find hope and joy in living.
  • Strengthen and repair relationships 
  • Overcome anxiety and depression 
  • Understand and support your child through trauma to healing 
  • Deal with the effects of stress in your life 
  • Improve your self confidence and make better choices
  • Work through grieving and facing loss
  • Manage your mental health
  • Implement strategies to manage and heal from addiction 
  • Regulate anger and emotional overwhelm 

The brain is plastic and changeable - it can be healed

Our Services

All clinical staff are qualified, registered and trained to help you to heal from trauma. 

Our psychologists and counsellors are either survivors of childhood trauma themselves, or they have been trained by survivors to understand the trauma experience and what survivors need to feel safe and to heal.

Psychology Services

With expert knowledge in human behaviour and specialising in child and family therapy and childhood trauma, our psychologists use a variety of approaches. These include cognitive behavioural and emotion focussed interventions and interventions to develop healthy relationships between parents and children. All of our psychologists are trained in  helping you to heal from trauma. 

TeleHealth Services

Speak with our experienced psychologists via video call or telephone from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

Counselling Services
We know life brings challenges and times when past trauma blocks our way forward. At these times, talking things through with a specialist counsellor can make a difference to how we manage our life. Our team includes accredited counsellors and child therapists.

Trauma Centre

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