The following testimonials have been provided by professionals who have attended one or more of our training programs.

1 day Trauma Informed Practice training in Newcastle NSW (April 2018)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the content. I have been studying developmental trauma and complex trauma for many years and I found this training provided a different and interesting approach to assisting and emporing clients who have faced trauma and adversity.” Brendon Roberts

”Excellent and well presented. Small group and environmental set up( close, casual and relaxed) encouraged more open discussion. Liz very experienced and knowledgeable.” Sue Walker

“I really enjoyed the interaction between trainer/trainees in a relaxed atmosphere.” Tracey Hextall


1 day Trauma Informed Practice training in Broome, WA (April 2016)

“Would have liked workshop to be over a couple of days.” Sharyn Speed

“I found the day very valuable & informative. Trauma has been a difficult area for me in terms of how to approach people – my behavior could be not useful. Good to have some simple approaches to use.  I didn’t realise de-triggering could be so simple and effective.” Carolyn Pickett

“This section of the presentation was highly valuable for to understand trauma. Thank you for giving me tools to help me.”   Mary O’Reeni

“I have gained so much knowledge & have renewed confidence. I am keen to implement my new skills in the de-escalation process.”  Julie Borsboom

“Brilliant delivery!! Loved the practical aspects & group discussions. Used a lot of examples to solidify understanding. Fantastic Course! Thanks.” Rochelle Cilia

“Thank you for presenting this workshop. Thank you for sharing part of your own story – to see someone able to stand up in front of others is inspiring. Like you’re the representation of what you believe – we can all heal.” Lee Seer

“I found the whole workshop very helpful.” Kim Billcliff

“Fantastic can’t wait to put it into practice. Wonderful workshop, highly recommend! So much useful information that will make helping the kids so much easier.” Ellen Banow

“Very insightful. Found very interesting & useful when understanding what the Left & Right side of the brain (play a part in trauma Behaviours). Thank you so much. So useful & jammed pack full of positive skills & strategies & information. Very well presented.” Rachel Brown

“Great Thanks. Very interesting & rewarding.” Wendy Carter

“Incredibly helpful to understand the brain – it impacts the way I understand my students. I was very impressed with this session & understand the difference between rescuing behavior & boundaries. This was an incredibly helpful professional development day.”       Jennifer Macnish

1 day Trauma Informed Practice training in La Grange, WA (April 2016)

“Find the information very helpful.” Noraim McCullough

“Thanks, excellent & informative workshop. I learnt so much and intend to start my informed practice tomorrow.” Kirsty Maley

“Enlightening – The journey begins! (again and again!!). A very re-affirming session. Much to remind myself of and always, new and fascinating approaches to Healing The World! Many thanks for a revealing day!! Re-affirming the work I’ve done and hope to continue with into the future! I will take this “gift” into my work as a healer/teacher/facilitator.” Caz Boumen

“I now feel a greater sense of empowerment to go and empower my students to make connections between self, behavior and learning. Together we can train our brains to do great things!”        Grace Passmore

“Thank you so much…. I got so much out of today.” Josie Skelton

“The presentation was engaging, informative and (at times) challenging. It promoted great discussion, that, I feel will continue over coming weeks. Thank you.” Jess Bannister

“Great day, lots to think about. Will definitely impact in my daily conversations interactions with children!” Emily Cooke

“You are doing an important job – I hope I can make a difference in helping our students with releasing their trauma. Thank you.” Kelly Scurr

1 day Trauma Informed Practice training in Kununurra, WA (April 2016)

“It was a wonderful training & has empowered me to share with others what I have learnt.” Kristy Brittan

“Absolutely brilliant presentation – Practical tips , examples, useful group discussions. Liz is an amazing & engaging presenter – her strength, experience and knowledge shine throughout. Thank you.” Emily Bolto

“It was a great program.”  Josh Morris

“I have enjoyed it very well, it is something that needs to be in place through out all schools. I found it very helpful.” Alexis Ward


“Thank you so much for the online workshop you presented on Trauma Informed Practice to agencies from Education, Health and Social welfare throughout the Kimberley region on the 4th November this year.

Many schools and health agencies exist in geographical and social isolation in the remote and harsh Kimberley environment and many thousands of dollars need to be expended every year to bring quality and effective training to professionals in these regions by travelling overland for several days or through expensive flights to the most isolated of regions.  As a result training can be spasmodic, out of date or ineffective.

A study completed recently in the Fitzroy Valley area of the Kimberley has shown that one-in-eight children born in a group of remote communities in Western Australia’s Kimberley region has foetal alcohol syndrome. The Lililwan Study was initiated by Aboriginal leaders who invited researchers and clinicians into the Fitzroy Valley community.  FASD is one area of disability on a spectrum that result from the range of social issues faced by these communities and training in trauma informed practice is a priority request from many schools and agencies desperate for support in this area of need in the communities.  The challenges in accessing these communities over such vast geographical locations are enormous, bearing in mind many are geographically cut off for several months of the year by rain.

Liz by presenting your workshop live online and allowing the session to be recorded for future use we were able to support 7 out of the 24 schools across the region (almost 30%) covering a geographical region of almost a quarter of a million kilometres in a 40 minute session which is an amazing achievement.

The feedback from teachers was that your presentation was powerful as you spoke as a person who had experienced trauma not as a professional talking about others this happens to. The information you provided about neuroplasticity and safe places people found particularly potent and useful to their understanding of the effects of childhood trauma and to inform their professional practice.

We have had a request from the educational Psychologist at Kununurra to investigate the possibility of there being a face to face presentation by Heal for Life in the Kimberley in the near future. Heal for Life and the Kimberley Disability Coordination Team are collaborating on presenting a conference type event in the East and West Kimberley in 2016 to which a range of agencies involved with the care of children who may have experienced trauma and abuse will be invited.

Many thanks again Liz for your powerful and informative presentation that has reached far and wide throughout this region.

Best Wishes.”

Jane Lockwood, Special Needs Teacher, Kimberley Disability Coordination Team, Cable Beach Primary School, Broome, WA (November 2015)

“I was privileged enough to attend the two day training workshop at Woomera (Albury) earlier this year. Firstly, I commend you and your team for providing access to this invaluable workshop. More importantly, I would endorse the type of program conducted by ‘Heal for Life’ as an invaluable method of assisting those most difficult of clients to make positive changes to their lives. These clients often present as clients of multiple agencies and are at high risk of harm to themselves or others. Many of these people have often been ‘written off’ as too difficult to deal with, or beyond help.”

David Cottee, Detective Chief Inspector, Albury Local Area Command, NSW (October 2015)

We in the Albury Community feel compelled to share with you the whole impact of last week’s two day Trauma Informed Practice Workshop held in Albury.  As you know we had in attendance the staff form Department of Education and Communities (DEC), Family and Community Services (FACS), Mental Health workers and the Albury Police Detective Inspector crime manager and Aboriginal Police Liaison Officer.

Borne out of the training the community now realises the detrimental effects of trauma in its varying forms. We as a collective will look to run more Trauma Informed Practice Workshops in Albury in August and September 2015 for Police Officers, Foster carers and front line staff who were unable to attend last week’s training.

Yesterday we had a Case Coordination meeting at the office of Department of Family and Community Services with the Department of Education OOHC Officer, Woomera SHS Case Manager, Centrelink Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Mental Health Counsellor from Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service, Manager of FACS and two FACS Case Managers with an aboriginal family of 8 children whom have not ever all been under the same roof together.  The above came to fruition because of the Trauma Informed skills we as a community received while in attendance at your workshop.

Thank you Liz for spending the last 16 years studying the physiological and behavioural impacts of trauma on the brain; whist explaining the new approach, recognising the impact of neural plasticity on our understanding of how to help people who have suffered trauma in layman terms.  Given it is such a scientific area you are amazing as not baffle all in attendance with bullsh*t, instead you keep it simple, so thanks again.

Kind regards.

Felicity Corrigan, Case Manager, Woomera Aboriginal Corporation, Albury, NSW (April 2015)