Trauma Informed Practice

Survivors can and often have been re-traumatised by well intentioned service providers.  Consideration, therefore, needs to be provided across all systems and services that a survivor encounters.  Trauma Informed Practice is based on the premise that trauma survivors have particular vulnerabilities and/or triggers that may be exacerbated by traditional approaches to service delivery. A trauma informed approach involves a paradigm shift in service delivery. It utilises neurobiological research and experiential evidence of what strategies work best.  Understanding, recognising and responding appropriately to those who have experienced trauma (or may still be experiencing it) is critical.

Our training is unique as all presenters are survivors of childhood trauma and have been consumers of mental health services.  This enables them to provide both professional and consumer informed insight.

We have previously trained

  • health professionals including social workers, counsellors, psychologists, case workers, community service providers, drug and alcohol workers and nurses
  • teachers and other education workers
  • police
  • juvenile and other justice workers
  • those working with the unemployed
  • family referral service officers

Customised workshops

We provide specially customised workshops for

We can also customise training to meet the needs of your organisation.

More information

If you would like to learn more or register your interest to attend Trauma Informed Practice training please contact our Training Coordinator, Jo at:

Telephone: 02 4998 6003

Trauma Informed Healing Training for Health Professionals

This is for health professionals who want to work more effectively in a therapeutic setting with survivors of childhood  trauma and/or abuse.