The Heal For Life Certificate in Trauma Healing is for anyone who is a survivor of childhood trauma and wants to support survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, either as a carer here at Heal For Life or in private practice. This is an experiential course with hands on practice.

Students learn the theoretical background to Trauma Informed Healing as well as the impact of trauma on brain development.  It demonstrates how healing the trauma allows the brain to heal and how people can move through past limitations in their development. It can also help to enhance your own journey of healing, and understanding of the Heal For Life model of healing.

An ability to walk alongside to help support clients is an essential element of trauma healing.  Therefore a prerequisite is prior attendance of a healing week.

On-site training is available (5 days for Peer Support Volunteer training and 2 days for each module – see below).  Modules may be completed individually and also by distance education (when available).

CAR 1. (Peer Support Volunteer Training-5 days) February  –  $500 (ex-guests who wish to become a HFL Peer Support Volunteer)
August  –  $999  (Health Professionals ONLY – those not intending to become a Peer Support Volunteer at HFL)
CAR 2. History & Theory of Trauma Healing
CAR 3. The Effects of Trauma on The Brain
CAR 4. Child Abuse and Altered Development
CAR 5. Professional Practice Issues, Boundaries & Visualisations
CAR 6. Applied Transactional Analysis & Conflict Resolution
CAR 7. How To Utilise Faith To Assist In Trauma Healing
CAR 8. Advance Skills for Heal For Life Peer Support Volunteers