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Reputable, investigative journalist responds to 7.30 Report on Heal for Life.

As a former guest at Heal for Life, in 2005, and an investigative
journalist (co-worked on stories with 2 Walkley Award
winners), I’m very disappointed in the 7.30 Report’s
‘investigation’ into Heal for Life, which a friend of mine who
has also been a guest at the centre just watched (although it was
aired a couple of months ago). Her comments spurred me to
‘ For people who were not aware of Heal For Life they would
have serious doubts about the integrity of Mayumari and
specifically Liz.
Liz did make a statement in reply that challenged what was said
but I think the program would have caused a great deal of
damage. I always considered the 7.30 report as thorough and
reputable but having experienced Mayumarri directly I am left
with doubts about the rigour of their investigation. I hope
they do pursue an independent investigation to retrieve the
centre and the vital role they play for survivors.’
Reading this comment made me want to add my own.
I have done a lot of healing from my own sexual abuse and HFL
was for me clearly the stand out which had the most significant
and long standing effects. Having written a book about my
abuse, many people have contacted me and I’ve sent at least 40
to HFL. Most found it changed their lives in a dramatic and
powerful way, as I did. I have not had a single bad report about
One of the carers the ABC 7.30 report interviewed was a carer
on my healing week. The only negative thing ever heard about
HFL from people I sent there, was about this person.
He said on your program he had sex with consenting
adults.When the organization discovered this two years ago his
resignation was immediately accepted & he has not been back
there since. These clients he had sex with were going through
deep healing. Common sense tells you consent in this context is
problematic, & certainly totally against all ethics of healing
professionals & the ethics & policies of Heal For Life yet 7.30
Report talked to him as a credible source of information about
Heal For Life..
The Report has done untold damage to an organisation that has
helped thousands of people heal.
Very disappointing.
Barbara Biggs

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