As a former guest at Heal for Life, in 2005, and an investigative
journalist (co-worked on stories with 2 Walkley Award
winners), I’m very disappointed in the 7.30 Report’s
‘investigation’ into Heal for Life, which a friend of mine who
has also been a guest at the centre just watched (although it was
aired a couple of months ago). Her comments spurred me to
‘ For people who were not aware of Heal For Life they would
have serious doubts about the integrity of Mayumari and
specifically Liz.
Liz did make a statement in reply that challenged what was said
but I think the program would have caused a great deal of
damage. I always considered the 7.30 report as thorough and
reputable but having experienced Mayumarri directly I am left
with doubts about the rigour of their investigation. I hope
they do pursue an independent investigation to retrieve the
centre and the vital role they play for survivors.’
Reading this comment made me want to add my own.
I have done a lot of healing from my own sexual abuse and HFL
was for me clearly the stand out which had the most significant
and long standing effects. Having written a book about my
abuse, many people have contacted me and I’ve sent at least 40
to HFL. Most found it changed their lives in a dramatic and
powerful way, as I did. I have not had a single bad report about
One of the carers the ABC 7.30 report interviewed was a carer
on my healing week. The only negative thing ever heard about
HFL from people I sent there, was about this person.
He said on your program he had sex with consenting
adults.When the organization discovered this two years ago his
resignation was immediately accepted & he has not been back
there since. These clients he had sex with were going through
deep healing. Common sense tells you consent in this context is
problematic, & certainly totally against all ethics of healing
professionals & the ethics & policies of Heal For Life yet 7.30
Report talked to him as a credible source of information about
Heal For Life..
The Report has done untold damage to an organisation that has
helped thousands of people heal.
Very disappointing.
Barbara Biggs





  • Pamela Kilduff July 21, 2015 at 9:44 am

    What a malicious and ill informed comment. We ARE professional, and in a holistic life we need spirituality, not tried and failed methods of “therapy” that have been going on for years to the DETRIMENT of people who have had a life experience of trauma and abuse.

  • Ravi Holy March 4, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    Thanks, Barbara. I am one of the carers at the recently launched Heal For Life UK and although the report was about HFL Australia (and Mayumarri in particular) its still likely to alarm people here in the UK and potentially stop people getting the life-saving help they so desperately need. I will happily refer anyone who needs reassurance to this excellent piece. Thanks again.

  • Joanne Smith March 4, 2014 at 10:52 am

    I used to believe the ABC & the 7.30 Report were reputiable in their investigative journalism! Not anymore!
    That the ABC is able to destroy an organisations reputation with no true investigation is deplorable and shows their journalism to be extremely bias! Why did you not investigate the other side of this story?

    But guess what ABC, your bad intent towards HFL has made our community so much stronger, closer & more determined then ever to succeed in our goals. Helping people to Heal from Childhood Abuse & Trauma! Our TRUTH will shine through all the bullshit you aired to the nation.

  • Denis Young March 4, 2014 at 7:16 am

    I searched for 55 years looking for help, found some, but then Heal Four Life. I had to leave early my first time there due to a nephew committing suicide, I felt really GUTTED by this event, however I was able to handle it thanks to the few days I had spent there. I have since attended 2 other healing weeks there and can assure anyone in need that I AM NOW LIKING ME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.

    I once had the utmost respect and looked up to the person that admitted having sex with clients, not after he did that. WHAT IS THE DIFFERRENCE between he and a priest abusing his flock?, ANSWER, NOTHING, he had the power, they were venerable and he took advantage of that fact, nothing too admire there.

    Liz and Rod are the parents I should have had. Pam, June and co are the sister’s I should have had and no one can or will ever change that, Heal For Life is my SAFE place, I will do all I can to help them, as I owe them so much for getting rid of nearly 55 years of garbage I have been carrying around, turning me around and helping to become the person I am today

    I thank Heal For life and look forward to helping them in any way I can for many, many years to come

  • Jude March 4, 2014 at 1:29 am

    Exactly. I complained to Media Watch about this. They seemed to be very focussed on the satan stuff, and only mentioned the good the centre does in passing.

  • Kerri Doolan March 4, 2014 at 12:12 am

    I should have added it was NOT HFL fault that I took the skin off my knuckles on the punching bag, before someone complains. It is all supervised, it was my responsibility entirely…..I went out of a time that was supervised and I didn’t see the gloves……I was reprimanded for doing this and it wasn’t their fault in any way shape or form….. Kerri

  • Kerri Doolan March 4, 2014 at 12:06 am

    My daughter and I both attended HFL…..both for horrific abuse…..HFL is reputable and helped us both to come to terms and move forward in a positive way. I think feeling like you own that this horrible thing happened to you, instead of trying to push it down and ignore it is amazingly therapeutic, or at least it was for me, I am not really a person who demonstrates very well, I tend to hide how I feel inside, but I went and used that punching bag early one morning until I had no skin left on my knuckles…..and I can now acknowledge the little girl inside that never had a voice or a chance to play like kids should….what are the alternatives to trying to heal? I have found none in my lifetime so far….I still feel inadequate, and I am not as outspoken as I should be…..but with their help I learned to accept myself and that this horrible upbringing and what happened to me WAS NOT IN ANY WAY MY FAULT….kids blame themselves…so nearly 50 years on, from when the worst of it happened for the first time, I am proud of the person I am despite what was taken from me and HFL was a big part of this process….Kerri

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