“My time being here for a few days at Heal For Life has been the best experience I have ever had and I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity.” Lara D. (July 2017)

“Thank you all for this excellent and life changing experience. I got a lot out of this camp!!! Thank you for the excellent food!!!” (October 2016)

 “I will definitely come back if I get asked to. I really think it’s a great way of identifying what happened, but also that you’re not the only one, and that’s okay” (October, 2016)

“My 15 year old daughter was struggling with all aspects of life from bullying, self esteem and self harm. I was at my wits end, I heard of the program heal for life it was a last ditch effort to get my daughter back. After a week away she had learnt so much about herself and the reasons why she felt the way she did. It taught us as a family how to manage situations and understand the reasons behind her behaviour. My daughter was hurting and I felt helpless….9 months on and we still have challenges but we both have a better understanding of each other and strategies. Thank to the lovely people that give their time and support, well worth the visit.”

“I wanted to make more friends … now … I have more friends in and out of school”

“I wanted to be able to get in and do things instead of standing back and watching … now … I am doing more things at school “

“I wanted to not put myself down all the time … now … I know I am a good and clever person”

“I wanted to change the way I speak to people when I’m angry or upset … now … Mum says I don’t fight with my brother as much anymore”

“I wanted to not be afraid of having relationships with the opposite sex in the future … now … I know where to go for help in the future and I feel better able to cope”

“I wanted to not feel frightened when I visited other people’s houses, whether they’ve got a brother or not … now … I can visit without feeling frightened – I look forward to staying with friends whether they have a brother or not”

“I wanted to improve my school work … now … I got really good marks for my last assignment”

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