Heal For Life is a place where kids find support and understanding.  Here, you will spend the week with other children who have survived similar experiences to you and have also decided it’s time to change.  It is for those who want to behave differently, feel better about themselves and want help to find out how to change.

Heal For Life is designed to be the safe, welcoming home every child deserves.  The main building is large and spacious with an open verandah. In the guests’ living space, there is a common sitting room, shared kitchen, dining area, lounge room and laundry; 4 double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms all situated on 120 acres of beautiful bush land.  Without mobile phones, TV or computer games, you are able to spend the whole week focusing inward. The meas are prepared by our wonderful volunteers and cleaning is shared, while other tasks are performed as a part of Labour of Love (helping out in and around the home for an hour or so each day).

During your stay at Heal For Life you will be encouraged to feel your feelings, to let yourself express the emotions that haven’t been safe to feel that are impacting on your happiness and behaviour now. You will learn about self-esteem, coping mechanisms, overcoming depression and anxiety, healthy relationships and boundaries. During free time you will enjoy playing outside and, if it’s warm enough, you can swim in our large dam.

This is the opposite of the “boot camps” they talk about on TV.  This is a place where you will be loved and supported by those of us who had difficulties in childhood too. We will help you release some of your anger and fear in a safe way and start looking at a new way and being in life.

Supervision is provided 24 hours a day by trained peer support volunteers and they are assisted by a qualified and experienced child counsellor.

On the Sunday when you arrive you will be introduced to others who are doing the program with you and the support team.  You’ll be shown around so you can become familiar with the property.  Your group will then have dinner together, get to know each other and the team will discuss what to expect from your time here and go through some safety agreements. The following timetable gives you an idea of what happens during the day.

Program timetable

8.00am Breakfast
9:00am Intentions /Physical Grounding Exercise
Time for reflection and exploring our needs for the day
10:00am Morning Tea
10:30am Morning Workshop
A chance to connect with your inner-self and your emotions
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Information Workshop or Craft Activities
3:30pm Free Time
5:00pm Sharing
A time to practice acknowledging your feelings within the group in a safe environment
6:30pm Dinner
7:30am Evening Games/Activities


11:00am Parents arrive
11:05am Workshop with Parents
1:00pm Closing Celebration

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Young Men and Women
Trauma Healing
12-17 Years (at High School)