“The team did an amazing job of looking after me, they were so generous, loving and very lavish – providing flowers and lovely meals.  They were beautiful and caring in helping me through the process of the new material and experiences.  I feel lighter with new knowledge and some tools for change.  I feel relieved, inspired and empowered.  What you’ve created here and the investment you’ve made for the sole purpose of enabling people to heal and change is awe inspiring.  I just couldn’t get over the important statement it makes in your belief about how a) valuable this is and b) how possible it is.  The atmosphere here is one of a kind.  Thank you.”  Prue James.  Attended in February 2015.

“I am someone who helps others get clear about who they are in their leadership roles. Taking a leadership role by attending a private healing week has been one of the most transformational weeks of my life and has had a positive ripple effects on my husband, children and my business. The private retreat gave me space to think and feel. The small group really helped me heal. If you are a professional helping others, and have experienced childhood trauma or abuse – you may also benefit from a healing week and then your family and clients can get the ripple effect too!” Shivani Gupta, CEO and Executive Coach, Passionate People Institute. Attended the Private Healing Retreat 2011

“The most fantastic 5 days and nights I have ever spent”

“What an amazing place! I had been searching in vain for this kind of help and for the first time I feel validated, understood and I feel I have hope”

“My experience was literally life-changing. I had never done inner-child work like that before. Thank you for everything”

“Heal For Life is heaven on earth”

“I arrived suspicious, fearful and extremely defensive, shared many tears, pain and laughter. Then to discover that ‘if I feel I could heal” … it seemed like a miracle!”

“Believe me, I was a dead man walking … and to think it all changed in just five days!”

“What I have learnt at Heal For Life was a fantastic complement to the work I’m doing with my counsellor”

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