The cost of a private program depends on whether you prefer

  • a totally exclusive experience where you are the only guest (fully private retreat)

Fully private retreat

All prices quoted are in Australian dollars

Option 1 – Full payment at time of registration

  • Number of days you wish to attend x $1000 (eg 3 days x $1000 = $3000)

This payment includes the non refundable registration fee of $250.  3 days is the most popular duration for fully private retreats.

Option 2 – Non refundable registration fee at time of registration and balance in installments

  • $3,500 for 3 days.  This includes the $250 non refundable registration fee paid to secure your booking and the balance of $3,250 paid in installments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

If you would like to find out the cost for booking a retreat for 1, 2, 4 or more days and/or to discuss direct debit payments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) for this option contact the office.



You can pay online during the registration or if you would prefer you can choose to make a payment into our account;

Account held with: Westpac Banking Corp

Account Name:  Working Account

BSB:   032516       Account No:   285832

Payment reference: A payment reference helps us to quickly and easily identify your payment.   Please use the letters ACC and your name to identify your payment

eg ACC Jane Smith or ACC Bob Jones


Once your registration and initial payment is processed a confirmation letter will be sent providing further information including directions to the Heal for Life Foundation.

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