All guests are responsible for the costs of travel to and from Heal for Life and need to bring food for meals during the week.  Your confirmation email will provide more information on the types of items to bring with you.  The food will be prepared and cooked by those in the group who volunteer to do that.  If you do not want to cook you may volunteer for other activities like washing up after meals.

The following fee covers 5 nights’ accommodation and all workshops during the program.  We wish to keep our program as affordable as possible for all guests, we trust you will opt to pay the fee that best meets your financial situation:

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars

Option 1 – Full payment at time of registration

  • $1200

This payment includes the non refundable registration fee of $250.

If a service provider is paying for a client to attend the cost is $1500

Option 2 – If you are experiencing financial difficulties or have a valid Centrelink Concession card please call the office on 02 4998 6003 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to discuss payment options.

This payment option is for low income families and those receiving Government payments such as Newstart, Austudy, Disability Support, Parenting Payment and Age Pension.

Option 3 – Severe financial hardship

We don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to heal because you are having financial problems.  If you cannot afford option 2 please call the office and we can organise a payment plan that works for you.

Pay it forward

Turning our lives around by healing usually results in us becoming more financially stable.  Our sincere hope is for those who have had the opportunity to attend Heal For Life Foundation in a sponsored place (option 2 and 3) that you may like, in future, to help someone else in the same way.  You can do this by making another payment when you are able or by volunteering with Heal For Life in some way.

Cancellation / Deferral Conditions of Confirmed Places

We often have a wait list for our programs. If you cancel, defer or do not come to a confirmed place this can prevent someone else from attending. Please be aware of the following conditions before submitting your registration:

  1. HFL will retain a cancellation fee of $250 from your initial payment if you cancel or defer your place after it’s been confirmed
  2. You are responsible for full payment of your agreed option if you

a) cancel or defer within 7 days of the program start date

b) decide to leave the program prior to its completion

c) are asked to leave the program due to breaching safety principles


Account held with: Westpac Banking Corporation

Account Name:  Working Account

BSB:   032 516       Account No:   285832

Payment reference: A payment reference helps us to quickly and easily identify your payment.   Please use the unique code given to you by Donna  in the office, call 0249986003 to receive your code


Once your registration and initial payment is processed a confirmation letter will be sent to you. It will advise the items you need to bring for your healing week and will include a map and directions to the Heal For Life Foundation.

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