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Help your clients heal painful emotional triggers

Learn the model that has helped 8,500 survivors transform painful trauma memories into meaningful, permanent healing — join one of our trauma counselling courses.

Deactivate and heal emotional triggers and trauma memories

Clients who have experienced childhood trauma can easily triggered into a fight-flight-freeze-flop response which can prevent them from receiving the benefits of therapy. 

Neuroscience informs us that this response is automatic and is one of the primary causes of behavioural and emotional problems for survivors of trauma. 

When this response is not managed effectively, it can threaten the client’s experience of safety in the therapeutic relationship and prevent  healing from occurring.

Our Trauma-Informed Healing training provides therapists with a structured, replicable method to deactivate the survival response. We also teach therapists seeking trauma counselling courses how to safely process, heal and integrate trauma to support therapeutic outcomes with clients who are trauma survivors.

Empower your clients with skills to self-regulate and self-heal

Therapists perform a critical role in healing, providing a safe space for survivors to learn how to acknowledge and express the emotion associated with trauma. Now, you can also teach them how to continue that work at home.

Once therapists learn the Heal For Life Model through one of our trauma counselling courses, they can share it with clients to support self-regulation and self-healing during and between sessions, for safer and more consistent progress. When an emotional crisis occurs outside of session, clients will be better equipped to manage the situation effectively and independently.

After attending our healing programs, many adult survivors who considered themselves to be beyond help, have turned their lives around.

Neuroscience-based and shaped by real survivor experiences

Our peer-led and developed model is based on the latest neuroscience research and recommendations from the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health, and has been shaped by the feedback of over 8,500 survivors. 

It is this unique “by survivors, for survivors” perspective that ensures therapists gain a practical and collaborative method to more safely and effectively support clients of childhood trauma towards healing.

Independently evaluated to achieve significant improvements in mental health.

Independent evaluation of our program found long-term improvements in mental, emotional and social functioning, pain and vitality scores and over 96% of Heal For Life program participants have rated the experience as either ‘life-changing’ or ‘very positive’.

Earn CPD credit and gain practical tools for use in private practice

Our Trauma Informed Healing workshop and follow-up professional supervision is  accredited for Continuing Professional Development.

This practical and experiential training includes a trauma-informed action plan, video presentation, actual practice of the method, and case studies to reinforce the use of the model in private practice.

Peer Support is universally recognised as a key component of trauma recovery

If you are a survivor of childhood trauma – as many therapists are – we can teach you how to safely and professionally use your own experience to support the therapeutic relationship and facilitate healing for  clients. We will also show you the same strategies we use to protect  our own peer support workforce from an increased risk of burnout and vicarious trauma.

Trauma-Informed Healing
2 Day Workshop

Duration: 2 Days

Participants: Max 6

Workshop Overview

This highly experiential workshop is based on the belief that a trauma-informed approach empowers the client to take responsibility for their own healing, thereby liberating the therapists from the need to ‘teach,’  ‘advise’ or ‘fix’ their client.

Therapists will understand how to empower clients as the expert in  their own recovery and support them to utilise their own innate self knowledge and personal experience as the key to their own healing.

This workshop is based on learning gained over 20 years of helping survivors to heal themselves from the impact of childhood trauma and abuse.


  • Appropriate qualifications in a complementary discipline are required
  • A minimum qualification of a Diploma in Counselling (or equivalent)
  • Reflective capacity
  • Self-support / self-care skills


This training requires a minimum attendance of two 8-hour workshops over 2 days, with an optional additional period of professional supervision.

Participants completing professional supervision will receive our Competency in Trauma Healing Certificate and become ‘Preferred Providers’ for our community of survivors.

Learning Outcomes

  • How the Heal For Life model addresses physiological, emotional and behavioural impacts of trauma.
  • How to remove triggers permanently.
  • A proven method to help clients successfully “detrigger” (deactivate the fight/flight/freeze response).
  • Practical strategies to better support survivors of childhood trauma.
  • How to use the principles of Transactional Analysis and Attachment Theory to aid survivors’ ability to resolve the impact of trauma on their relationship with self and others.
  • 12 principles of Trauma Informed Healing and how to apply these in private practice
  • How to support clients to recognise the signs of trauma and identify triggers
  • How to protect yourself against a higher risk of vicarious trauma if you too are a trauma survivor


Pricing & Register

2 Day Workshop Coming Soon

All participants are responsible for the costs of travel to and from Heal for Life and need to bring food for meals during the weekend.

When you register for this training we will provide you with a confirmation email providing more information on what to bring.

The food will be prepared and cooked by those in the group who volunteer to do that. If you do not want to cook you may volunteer for other activities like washing up after meals.

The following fee covers the training  and 2 nights of shared accommodation in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

We wish to keep our program as affordable as possible for all guests, we trust you will opt to pay the fee that best meets your financial situation.

The cost of the workshop is $900 including accommodation. When we receive your application, we will confirm your registration by calling you to process your payment via credit card over the phone. $750 if you don’t require accommodation.

Please note this cost excludes professional supervision.

We offer payment plans  and offer a limited number of places at a Concession Rate of $700, including  accommodation. Please apply with your request, and we will contact you to make arrangements.

Please note the cost quoted excludes professional supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

We happily work with any number and you will receive very personalised attention. Ask us for a quote if you want a more intimate training.

We happily travel to anywhere in Australia. We have enjoyed training remote Aboriginal communities. Sometimes we can combine organisations together to make the training cost effective.

We happily travel to anywhere in Australia. We have enjoyed training remote Aboriginal communities. Sometimes we can combine organisations together to make the training cost effective.

Absolutely. Supervision is provided by Liz Mullinar, our founder and/or our psychologists. We consider supervision for three months after training in our model is essential to ensure safe practice and to gain complete value from the training.

Our Trauma-Informed Healing training provides therapists with a structured, replicable method to deactivate the survival response. We also teach therapists how to safely process, heal and integrate trauma to support therapeutic outcomes with clients who are trauma survivors.

If food is included we tell you in the quote. Generally morning and afternoon tea/ coffee is included but lunch is not.

It depends on the culture of the group. We only undertake cultural or diverse group trainings if we have a trainer from that culture or group.

No. We need two full days to ensure complete understanding and safe use of our mode

Yes. We can run our training in any state or region, however as we actually get our trainees to gain hands on practical experience in our model of trauma informed practice training, we do need to be in an area where we can access Heal For Life volunteers. We will explore this upon request.

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