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Online Healing Series – commencing 4:00 pm EST, 5th November 2020

What is the Online Healing Series?

Looking for the next step in moving forward in your healing journey?

Would you like you to learn more about yourself and the impact of trauma before committing to a week of healing?

Would you like to connect and share with other people interested in learning more about trauma?

Heal For Life’s’ Online Healing Series is an introduction to understanding trauma. Held online via Zoom over 6 weekly 1 hour sessions, the group is purposefully small to enhance safety and connectivity. Our highly qualified facilitator is a survivor of childhood trauma and an experienced therapist who is an expert in our peer support model of healing.

Would you like to take a step forward with us to support you in your healing? Heal For Life welcomes you to join us for just one hour a week, for 6 weeks for this rewarding online series.  

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Here’s what will be covered each week.

  • Safety-Feeling safe is often very different from being safe. Learn the importance of safety which is a key element for healing to continue. You will have the opportunity to consider if you feel safe across various areas of your life – at home, your workplace, with your therapist and other relationships. Strategies to feel safer in these areas of your life to enable healing will be delivered along with more content.
  • Inner Child-What is an inner child? Learn the importance of connecting with your inner child, ways to improve your relationship with your inner child to enhance healing, and how our inner child relates to our brain functioning and hemispherical connectivity. In this webinar, practical suggestions to connect with your inner child and real-life examples will be provided to deepen your learning.
  • Emotional Regulation-The importance of recognising our emotions and feeling them. Discussing whether you are over or under-regulated and how you can change this to enjoy life more fully.
  • De-triggering-Learn what is a trigger, how to identify when we are triggered and how to de-trigger. “Triggers are treasures” as they give us insight into our trauma and if we address the underlying fear we can heal and be able to consciously respond instead of unconsciously react in our lives. You will be given the opportunity to learn step-by-step strategies to help yourself and/or others when triggered.
  • Boundaries-Do you say no when you want to say yes? Or, say no when you want to say yes? If you can relate to these questions then this session may be particularly useful for you. An explanation of boundaries will be provided in addition to recognising if you have poor boundaries and how to improve your boundaries. Better use of boundaries is key to healing trauma as boundaries help keep you safe, healthy and happy.
  • Self-Love & Nurturing-Nurturing ourselves is critical to a healthy and happy life, however considering and catering for one’s own needs can be difficult if you have experienced trauma. The healing journey begins within and this session can help you learn ways to start loving and connecting with yourself more.

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Total cost for the full 6-week program is $ 100.00

  • Includes all 6 x 1-hour sessions conducted via video link over Zoom Thursdays 4.00pm from November 5th.
  • Small group sizes ensure each participant can connect with the content and the facilitator and the course can successfully meet everyones needs.

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