November 2015

Royal Commission

It is not often that survivors are asked for their opinions. The Royal Commission is doing just that so it is up to us to take the opportunity.
You have until November 13th to send them your views on what services are effective and what services have not worked for you. You can follow their format or just write your opinions anyway you wish to.

The link is: submissions/have-your-say
They want to hear from you even if your abuse was not from institutions. The chance to be heard may not come again. So please help us and help future generations of survivors of abuse by letting the Government know what has helped you to heal. Hopefully you will be including us in your suggestions!!!


We feel really keen to offer any ongoing support we can to our Heal For Life Community and one way we can help you help yourself continue on your healing journey is to help you become as informed as possible about the impact of trauma on the brain and why we behave the way we do because of our abuse . This is information we all need to know so we can inform the people around us who wish to support us.
Of course if you are intending to work within the social welfare area this is essential training with full professional development points.
For this reason we are offering greatly reduced rates to all our trainings for community members (that means all our ex-guests)
Our next training is in Sydney on November 12th and 13th
Do join us.

We also offer training every six weeks here at Heal For Life; this is the training our volunteers receive so they can support you on healing weeks. We also wish to make this training available to any ex- guests at minimal cost. The training is for 2 days and fee includes accommodation (bring your own food). Cost just $150. Everyone finds it is a great way to keep healing, as inevitably the days involve self examination and personal recognition. Subjects include; Impact of trauma on the brain; How trauma impacts childhood development; Boundaries; The development of trauma theory. Do consider joining us in 2016. Link to find out about:

100% Worthy Event

This was a wonderful event celebrating our hea1ling journey. Healers, therapists and incredible workshops were on offer as well as stalls and food. Many wonderful volunteers (particularly June, Renee and Bernie) slaved for hours to prepare the most amazing lunch. Perri O’Shea the CEO from Being (the consumers peak group) spoke about the importance of Mental Health Month.

Freer’s Farewell

Freer has been with us as a resident for the last twelve months , however now she feels the wish to return to the busy world and has moved back to Byron Bay. She and Renee prepared a wonderful farewell dinner for twenty or so people which was held in the chapel, a memorable occasion. We will miss her always smiling face around the property. We now have space for a new resident for anyone who is interested . Being a resident involves volunteering for twenty hours a week and being an active member of the community. If you are interested do send Joe an


Heal For Life is able to support survivors and offer our unique centres for healing because of our wonderful volunteers. As you know healing from trauma is costly and challenging and it is important that we continue to offer affordable healing. This is only possible by us enjoying your support. There are so many ways you can get involved as part of our community; do consider some of the options below and see if you can offer a few hours to help us all.

We need:

  • Volunteers for the garden. A day , a weekend. A few hours. If you live at a distance come for a quiet weekend here and make our gardens look loved and cared for.
  • Cleaners. Come and spring Clean , help us give the cabins a spring clean so when our guests arrive they feel loved and nurtured.
  • Graphic designer. We so need someone to make our training flyers more professional looking. Can u spare the time to do this for us?
  • Office. Spare us a few hours a week if you are local or come and stay for a day or two if you live a distance away ; the office has a lot of research to be entered , files to be cleared and back work to be cleared.
  • Electrician. To do our tagging for WHS.- or indeed anyone with trade skills.

Coffee Van

Above is a picture of our beautiful coffee van so generously donated and being looked after by Amy and Kat. We are using it to raise awareness and also, of course, much needed funds. WE will be using it at markets on the weekends and would love help. If this interests you do contact Amy on


Thank you for considering helping us, it matters and we need you. Do email

If you would like to help us help survivors like you.

Our new volunteers

Charity has wonderfully taken over Facebook and is doing a wonderful job; if you want to contribute or help her in anyway her contact email

Rosalie has taken over the library again (thank you Ros) so you can connect with her if you want any information or have library books to return. We now have a data base set up in the library to help you find the right books to support you.

A BIG thank you to Carly who looked after our Facebook page and increased our number from 500 odd to over 3,000.

Acknowledge your childhood pain for the sake of NOW

On Sunday we had a service for members of our community who wanted to acknowledge parents who had failed them. This was because for years some of them had try to pretend that their mother or father had loved them despite the real truth of what their childhood had been like!! This is not about blaming the parent, it is about allowing the child within each one of us to be heard. It is incredibly hard (and incredibly important)to allow ourselves to acknowledge the ways in which our parents failed us when we were a child. It is human nature and nature’s way to protect ourselves from the hurt of not being loved that we try to pretend to ourselves that our mother(or father) did love us, did want us, did do their best for us. This denial in our adult lives about the truth of or childhood can lead to poor boundaries and victim behaviour. We mourn our mother as if we were loved. We believe the negative messages from childhood that our mother or father may have told us about ourselves so it is all our fault that we are the way we are. We believe these lies as truths. While we continue this denial we do not heal or move on in our healing. I repeat this is not about blame or about the “now” it is about accepting the truth of our childhood, it is about recognizing that we are valuable wonderful unique magic people- yes each one of us is!!!!! Healing is discovering we are lovable and always were.

Spiritual Support Team

Kristina who is a resident at heal For Life has started a spiritual support team for people in need of spiritual support and for those of you who would like to offer spiritual prayer and strength to anyone in need. If you are interested in finding out more do contact Kristina by her email which is:

Do be involved , do be in contact.