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Imagine This

Imagine a world where people addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling were recognised as people in pain who deserve to heal from their childhood trauma. Imagine a world where mental illness, including depression, was not considered a life sentence treated only with medication but it is understood that it can be healed if the childhood trauma is addressed.

Imagine a world where it was recognised that all children are born good, beautiful, and a manifestation of God’s love and it was recognised that children and indeed adults do bad things because of bad things that have happened to them. Here at Heal for Life we are working towards such a world.

Independent evaluations show that the Heal For Life programs really work! Using a model that is based on up-to-date scientific research, Heal for Life has helped more than 4500 people since its establishment in 1999. Just last year, in 2012, over 1000 people attended the Heal for Life programs. Independent research on guests attending the Heal for Life programs has shown the following results:

  • 90% of people describe the program as ‘life-changing’ or ‘very positive’.
  • Six months after completion of a program those suffering from severe mental health disorder were reduced by half from 63.8% to 35.1%.
  • 79% of people showed reduced psychological distress.

At Heal for Life the healing programs are run for survivors by trained survivors who understand the pain, confusion and suffering others are going through and who can truly walk alongside them during their healing process. With the increasing awareness of the potential lifelong devastating impact of child abuse, we want everyone in Australia to know that healing is possible. This is our aim for 2013 and we thank you for supporting us with this ambitious task.

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