I wasn't as tough as I thought I was... By Adam | Heal For Life

I wasn’t as tough as I thought I was… By Adam

If someone had told me that my life could change so much in just 5 days, by talking and listening, I would have said “bullshit” . My wife discovered this program on the internet while I was in rehab after another relapse due to underlying issues that were not addressed when I first challenged my addictions in 2010. 25 years of abuse of drugs and alcohol spiraled out of control after my 10 year old son passed away. This, coupled with childhood trauma, addiction and failing mental and physical health, forced me into a world of isolation and darkness which very nearly killed me.

I wasn’t as tough as I thought I was. For the first time in my life I was forced to ask for help. My prayer was answered when I arrived at “St John of God” in North Richmond, on December 6th, 2010. What happened next changed me forever. This year, on December 6th, 2013 I will be 3 years sober from alcohol and 8 months clean from drugs. This was, I thought, my greatest achievement ever.

That all changed on the 18th of August when I came to Heal for Life and confronted my greatest fear. At the tender age of 6, I was sexually abused by my older sister of which I’d never spoken of until I came here. This program, the carers and other guests, helped me to clear the greatest hurdle in my life which gave me strength I thought was unobtainable. I was reunited with my “inner child” who went missing so many years ago. As a “survivor” of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, addiciction, the loss of my son, an alcoholic, broken family, self abuse, mental trauma, neglect and innocense lost, I am now able to live rather than just exist – thanks to this place.

For me, a 41 year old male survivor, the Heal for Life Program has done just that and I will never forget my stay here or the tools for life which I was given, not to mention a reunion with “mini me” whom I thought was gone forever.

Thank you Heal fo Life,

Forever Grateful

Adam B (Survivor)

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