“So life-changing. I had no expectations coming in, all I knew was I felt called to be here and I was ready. I can’t believe how much can be transformed in just 5 days!” Indigo-Khai Rivers (December 2015)

“Life will never be the same and words cannot express the Joy and Love I’ve gotten. All in my world will benefit from the knowledge I’ve received. Thank you! Thank you!” Melly Harris (December 2015)

“I wish I could do more for this place … I wish I was closer. I pray for blessings over EVERY PERSON who owns, works and volunteers at this place. I pray that this place will thrive and grow … I really do!” Leah Griffiths (December 2015)

“Heal For Life is a magical place where real healing occurs. I have never felt so nurtured, cared for and safe. I felt safe enough to open up and start my healing journey.” Amanda R (November 2015)

“This was an amazing experience that has truly changed me. I no longer feel as if I’m in a black endless pit with no hope of escape.” Kelly K (November 2015)

“Overall this has been the hardest thing I have ever done – challenging. And it is also the most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself.”  Caroline C (November 2015)

“This was 5 of the best days of my life. I finally feel heard, I feel validated and worthy.” Linda T (October2015)

“The focus is, quite rightly, not just on having an amazing week with big transformations, but on getting us ready to live those transformations in our ‘outside’ lives, stronger and healthier. I come here every year or two. It changes my life.” Jude A (October 2015)

“I really really enjoyed this whole experience – I needed it. I had no idea what to expect and it’s been challenging, scary, exciting, fun and I dare say life-changing. And I will be back.” Jay W (October 2015)

“Words cannot describe the gratitude I am feeling to have been given the gift of healing.  I can only describe the week here as “magical”, like a fairytale.  Witnessing my true self emerge from all the lies and false beliefs felt like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.  I know 100% I have found my safe place.  I can now sit quietly with myself and feel my feelings.  I was absolutely terrified to drop my guard.  The wall I built to protect my heart fell away ever so gently.  The peer support volunteers at Heal for Life are my Angels.”  Karen Alexander (April 2015)

“I’ve never felt so incredibly safe, wanted and loved.  HFL has created a beautiful environment where even the most nervous and anxious person can express themselves without fear of judgement or humiliation.  I have overcome my fear of myself.  Thank you.” EJ Brooks (April 2015)

“Thank you, thank you all so much.  I think I was losing the will to live and you have helped me see another way.  You have renewed my zest for life.  Corny I know but it has changed my life and opened me up to new possibilities which is really exciting.”  Alison Simmons (April 2015)

“The experience is something that words cannot describe.  The peace, love and serenity is something that can only be felt and experienced.”  Cameron Potts (April 2015)

“I have had an immensely wonderful time this week connecting and sharing love and healing with the group.  I feel I have received a very great healing in different areas of my life…  Much love to all.”  Kristine Steyne (April 2015)

“Each time I come I leave better than when I arrived. The ONLY place I have ever been able to heal. Now I know I can heal anywhere!” Kate Welch (April 2015)


Thank you for another life-changing programme. Everything about this wonderful place is a blessing. It is a place of healing ordained by God so He can can draw me/send me here when He wants to move in my life for a better future. Thank you so much! (Brian March 2015)

“It’s life changing”. Bec, NSW (March 2015)

“OMG! I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this program. You have changed my life & I will never forget you all. I will be recommending this program to all of my messed up friends. I feel AMAZING!!! Thank you. xx” Kylie, NSW (March 2015)

“Glad I came back.” Zee, ACT (March 2015)

“I really enjoyed my week here @ heal for life, in fact I didn’t want it to end.  I met heaps of wonderful people and can’t wait to return in July for 2 weeks, all the support team workers were amazing, and have helped me for the better so thank you very much I appreciate it heaps.” Krystal (March 2015)


“Humble prayer and faith of the size of mustard seed, the grand orchestrator truly moves mountains… Praise the Lord.” Baby, Philippines (March 2015)

“The entire program is beneficial and helpful to be healed from trauma. I suggest to have a deeper understanding on the brain and facts about the left and right brains.” Yang, Philippines (March 2015)

“I didn’t know I had an inner child whom I have neglected and silenced all the years. I am eager to journey with her to be a better wife, mom and friend.” Peaches, Philippines (March 2015)

“I first thought, “what I am going to do in this 5-day seminar? Surrounded by people whom I really don’t have any connection to it. “God, what was your motive for letting me enter this?”  But what I didn’t realize was that God was telling me to “speak out,” “have fun,” “be yourself.” I did, and you know, I just realized that this healing week I attended or rather this “life changing event” was worth the risk. I had fun, I never knew laughing out loud without hiding was very joyful. “Encountering Heal for Life is one of the best blessings I have received.”

Pawlo, Philippines (March 2015)

“I came to the Heal for Life program not really knowing what to expect, thinking that the healing aspects was truly going to be something I had to do on my own with some support If I needed any. Lo and behold, I never thought that I healed so much in so little time and that it is in my new friend & supportive group that was such actually achieve. Truly, this is a program that I would really recommend to many, if not all.” Tec, Philippines (March 2015)

“Would positively recommend this program…..Thank you to everyone, especially the Carers ….. You are all amazing. You are all a blessing!”

Tomm, Philippines (March 2015)

“Heal for Life Foundation is a very highly recommended to the loved ones, relatives, friends, and my church mates that I know. I am really thankful for this healing week because it helps me understand myself more. Before I can’t even express my feelings and I can’t help myself to answer the questions, “who Am really I?” and every time I have a situation that my parents would ask me, “why are you doing this?” I really don’t know and I am very scared with them. Now that I have encountered the Heal for Life, I am very confident to say that I am secured and now I can verbalize my feelings and most especially I can do identify “who am really I, with help of my new found friend/sister my own “inner child.” I really want to thank God for allowing me to be here and for giving me the opportunity to be healed.”  Niel, Philippines (March 2015)


“It seems ‘seamless’. It feels solid and secure and strong. You offer what you are. The information I was given before I came was exactly spot on. I will be back I hope. Again Thank You”  Niki (Feb 2015)

“Loved everything about the whole week, for me it was exactly what i needed to find myself again… I will be back again”  Julie (Feb 2015)

“AWESOME”  Kevin (Feb 2015)

“Fabulous, loved doing Lucia Cappacchione style work in groups”  Naomi (Feb 2015)

“I found the healing week to be very interesting and helpful in allowing me to reach and to some extent to feel my own emotions. Some pieces were more enjoyable and easier than others but on the whole it was a very positive experience”  Sarah (Feb 2015)

“… overall the experience was awesome and most beneficial to me. Thank you to heal for life and all the carers that were involved”

Jeremy (Feb 2015)

“They were all very interested in our journeys, likewise, they didn’t have second thoughts in sharing theirs. We felt equal with them.”

Owen, Philippines (January 2015)

“When I fall down emotionally they are there to hold me safely.  They made me feel they are with me.”

Carlo, Philippines (Jan 2015)

“The fact that Heal For Life is set up by survivors for survivors is the great draw card for me to come here. Further it being set on realistic Christian principles of healing for everyone without discrimination is a wonderful gift to us survivors from “Heal For Life” Thank you so much”

Matt, Northern territory (May 25-30th 2014)

“I think the team here is very very helpful and caring. I love how they have helped me understand how to deal with things I couldn’t before.”

Jasmine, Victoria (May 25-30th 2014)

“For me, the loving support of the team really made it for me. Sharing time and caring opportunity to speak my experiences out loud was the life changing part, being encouraged to “walk away” from tidying up if I wanted to was freeing and empowering.”

The facilitators met my needs and the roster was scary but it worked. Communal living helped us bond. I loved it and will be eternally grateful. THANK YOU

Louise, Victoria (May 25th – 30th 2014)

“Wow! Sometimes in life we hide behind a curtain of guilt and shame, not knowing how to handle our emotions in fear of being ridiculed or misunderstood. As a member of a great organisation for care leavers called Tuart Place in Fremantle (WA) for four years, I was approached by Dr Philippa White and asked if I would like to attend a “Heal for Life” camp at Myalup for five days.

Being a bit optimistic about it, I knew deep inside my soul that I needed to embrace this new hurdle to which I decided for my own well being, I must accept this challenge – Even at a tender age of a touch under 70 years old (you are never too old to learn)!!!

Well, to my surprise the Old Mill houses set in the South West forest was a great setting, very relaxing. The staff were beautiful people with a caring and understanding for the baggage I was carrying on my back in all my life experiences. It wasn’t easy at first opening up to a group of strangers, but I soon learnt that I wasn’t alone on my journey of recovery.

To Ruth and Anna and staff – The words of wisdom and knowledge in our workshop sessions was brilliant. Slowly exploring the dark and shameless side of my guilt and problems and putting the missing jigsaw pieces of my life together. The Heal for Life camp was truly a moving experience for myself for which I am grateful and highly recommend, and would love to attend again.

PS: And yes, I truly have found the missing little boy that I never knew about, still living within me!!!”

Errol Gough aka Ezza (2014)

“The major turning point in my life in understanding the effects of my childhood and adulthood traumas was my week with Heal for Life. I felt unconditionally loved and “heard” for the first time in my life, and I was given tools to help me through periods of triggering. I learnt I no longer deserved to be abused, and gained strength and courage to continue on my healing journey. All the carers at Heal for Life acted with integrity and were sensitive to my feelings. I now enjoy a happier healthier life as a survivor, thanks to the Heal for Life model.”

Liz Raven

“After completing my first program in 2011 in Victoria, 95% of my depression left me and I was able to commence the healing process. It has been nearly three years since undergoing my first program and it has simply been a life-changing experience for me. Before the program I was always unhappy, sad, very depressed, constantly suicidal and had no purpose or meaning to life. Now I have a new found confidence that I have taken to my new career and to other aspects of my life. While revisiting traumas from childhood can be painful, they can also allow you to gain everlasting peace and happiness if you can work through them. As the saying goes: ‘Short-term pain for long-term gain’!”

James (2014)

“I had a traumatic event way back when I was 14 and carried all that unconscious pain for 50 years. Only Heal for Life did what several hopeless counsellors failed to do. Heal for Life are WONDERFUL. I never ever want to hear a word against them. They are thoroughly professional and they are caring and beautiful people. Liz Mullinar has started something truly exceptional.”

Roma Taylor (2014)

“I attended a Heal for Life week in 2006 after a lifetime of emotional turmoil from a childhood of severe physical abuse. I had struggled with alcohol abuse and daily episodes of fear, guilt and anger. The week produced a number of very positive outcomes for me. Firstly, I knew I was not alone in my suffering and survival: this was very comforting and affirming. Then I understood that “It wasn’t my fault and should never have happened to me”: from this I gained a deep sense of relief and release. I also learned a number of skills for dealing with the emotional patterns I had developed. But most of all, something deep down had shifted and a transformation had occurred: I was no longer as fearful, especially of angry people, and since then I’ve rarely had cause to self-medicate with alcohol.”

Michael Sherwood, Canberra (2014)

“One of the things that impacted me the most on the first healing week I attended approximately 3 years ago was such immense relief in the realisation that I was not alone in what I had experienced in my childhood. The breaking through the experience of isolation I had lived with till that point was life changing and continues to be. I felt so deeply understood and acknowledged, grateful, and positively surprised that here was a community of loving, safe people who knew how to help me. To this day I am deeply grateful and remain in touch and involved with the Heal for Life community. It is my privilege to give this testimony and with it the hope that others may find the understanding and healing they need.”

Kristina Coombes, aged 38, musician and teacher (2014)

“Before Heal For Life I was half alive. I suffered from horrific nightmares and I had difficulty feeling any emotion. Going there allowed me feel safe for the first time in my life. It was huge!!! Finally I could cry, and deal with fear that I had carried for decades. I found my strength and courage and most importantly my joy. I became real, a whole person again, the person I was born to be, and I stopped feeling abnormal. It was ok to make mistakes and learn again. The relief I felt at breaking the silence on what had happened to me as a kid and giving the shame back to the perpetrators was indescribable. I realised that no matter what had happened to me, underneath all the pain, I was still absolutely ok and in tact. Being with other people on the same path as me in a safe and loving environment was paramount. The whole week was about safety – a human right that I had been denied as a child.

For me the benefits of Heal For Life are long lasting. I now know I am part of this world where my voice makes a difference. For the first time in my life I have permanent stable employment and I am able to work as part of a team. I have also embraced my musical talents and become a part time professional musician.

My courage and joy became greater than my fear.”

Kathy F

“The week that I spent at Heal for Life was so empowering. It has enabled me to think of my life differently and to understand that as a person I am worthwhile. These things I have struggled with during my life even to the point I was self-harming and experienced suicidal thoughts quite regularly.

Heal for Life provided a caring nurturing environment to grow and understand myself. Some of the most wonderful memories that I enjoyed were reflections and the beautiful chapel – what an amazing, healing, peaceful building (I wished I could have brought the chapel home with me).

I would really love to be able to come back for another week as I feel I have reached that part of my journey. Without “Heal for Life” I may not be here today.

God Bless”

Isabella Clark, Queensland (2014)

“The Heal for Life program was Life changing for me. The abuse I experienced as a young woman traumatised me so much that I was unable to have relationships with men. I had no trust in myself or men.

I am getting married at the end of the month. To the love of my Life. This would not have been possible before HFL. I am very grateful.”

DK, France (2014)

“My name is Dave and I am a survivor, I went to Heal for Life as it was something recommended for various members of my family. Having come from child hood trauma and marrying someone who suffered from child hood trauma who in turn had children from a previous relationship who also suffered from trauma it was something of interest to me.

My initial motive was wrong… I was going for my family not for myself.  That said I found benefit for myself and my family.

I can be slow to put my trust in things and somewhat skeptical.  I almost never believe a story solely on one source as I know there is always 2 sides to any story.  I doubted the full healing power of ‘Heal for Life’.  I did believe it would have something to offer over and above what I already knew.

As I went through the various workshops I told a facilitator in private of a problem I had with a particular body part and even mention of that part.  I could not even watch adds on TV that highlighted that part of the body.  I had put it down to some idiosyncrasy with no known cause. My facilitator said, “childhood trauma”. I said, “sure” somewhat sarcastically.  She suggested I consider looking into it more at the next workshop.  Back of my mind …. ‘sure’, still sarcastically.

To my absolute surprise I got to the bottom of it. There was a cause that I had in no way associated with it.  I could not look at a belly button, no one could get within 6 foot of mine. Now my kids can stick their fingers in my belly button and other than being ticklish I don’t have an issue.  Prior to ‘Heal for Life’ even thinking or typing the word ‘belly button’ or ‘navel’ would send shivers down my spine, make feel squeamish, I would hold my tummy and instantly feel nauseated.

This pales into insignificance on the scale of issues that might be addressed, but, from a skeptic, this is proof to me that there’s something to the program and it can have real tangible results.

In my time there I neither saw or experienced anything that might result in anything that was ultimately negative.

To this day I am still trying to urge some of family to attend as I firmly believe it can help them deal with their trauma. I regularly recommend it to others I meet.”

Dave, 2014

“I am very grateful for Heal for Life’s existence. My experience during each of my healing weeks (2) was profound, transformative and enduring. I gained insight in a safe, loving, radically beautiful environment. Years of received professional Counselling was encapsulated in a nutshell for me. In the week’s constructive, gentle program the “penny dropped” and I returned home equipped with keys to apply for life – a life that continually heals, purposed for freedom and compassion for self and others.”

Tanya Whiteside, Fiji (2014)

“Heal for Life has given me a voice, permission to express my truth and feel my feeling self in a safe place, space and to connect with other people just like me in the world the more time I connect with heal for life the more I feel confident within my life to heal.

It’s not easy, it takes courage to stand up and face the darkness of abuse I feel this opportunity is possible when there is a community that is welling to give of themselves to help people like me.
Heal for Life also continues gives me the opportunity to give to others which truly makes my heart feel like I’m worthy.

That’s a priceless experience when you’re a survivor from trauma.

I’m so grateful for heal for life.”

Allison Bonne (2014)

“Heal for Life and Mayumarri was like a piece of heaven on earth, for people whose life was a constant inner torment. The week spent there is still vividly present in my memories, the process through which we had to undergo to discover our inner self was a life changing moment for me. The facilitators were all tuned in into the work that was to be done, there was no uneasiness present, no questions to answer, no judgements were cast upon anyone, as we were all in the same train, the healing train. Till now I have adopted meditation in my life, to pursue my healing journey and its only thanks to the facilitators that I got to know of how essential this instrument is not only to heal but to be a good human being and to be in touch with the real things of life. Not to content myself with the shallowness of lies and be a truth seeker instead. Liz Mullinar’s organisation is setting people back on track, those people who are and still is emotionally handicapped through atrocious abuse that they’ve been subject to. By doing so she is hugely contributing into a healthy society with balanced human beings who are beaming with positive and constructive energy. For Liz Mullinar and all the staff forming part of Heal For Life, let’s give them a huge big up and help them through these hardships that there going through, in order for them to come out even stronger as an organisation from these unfortunate events.”

Amit Bholah (2014)

“Thank you for an amazing and rewarding week. I worried that this experience would not be my own as I have had family and friends attend HFL many times before – this was not the case and my experience was unique to me, made possible by great carers and facilitators and healthy respect for boundaries. Loved coming on Christian healing week – this reaffirmed my faith in God and in me.”

Beck M (2014)

“When it was first suggested to me that I attend a Healing Week I was rather apprehensive. And especially so when someone I knew expressed doubts as to the professionalism of the organisation. I spoke to several people, and with the support of my Counsellor I attended. It was a truly amazing week and I have since been back to two more Healing Weeks. I found that the facilitators were very well qualified and experienced and sensitive as they conducted the program. The volunteers were also well equipped for their support role. It was a hard week as it was intense and painful to deal with the deep issues. For me it was important that before I went I had talked through a lot with my Counsellor, and after the week had more debriefing sessions to continue working on issues that had been raised and addressed at the Healing Week but were still “works in progress”. I was also very much helped by being together with other guests who had also experienced trauma. It was supportive to be with them and we formed supportive friendships. At all times I felt really safe while I was there. After Healing Week, the Forum on the internet was also a way to continue connecting and listening and to be heard. The Healing Weeks have been a big part of my Healing journey. I am so thankful for them as I continue to heal and grow and become more whole in myself and in my relationships.”

Helen, in full time ordained Christian Ministry

“I just want to let you know that in September 2002 “Mayumarri” saved my life. 
It was life changing for me. I was able to continue up to Queensland the following week and told my auntie about the sexual abuse regarding my father. When I returned home to Victoria I applied and was granted approval to change my christian and surname. Another good outcome was that I applied to study the Diploma of Community Services/Welfare Study. I did three years of study although I have not finished it, it does not matter because I was able to study and train with “Mayumarri” in 2007. Life is bliss now as I continue my healing journey with the tools that I received from Mayumarri/Heal For Life. 

I would like to thank GOD that I attended in 2002.”

Laura, Victoria (2014)

“I undertook the Heal for Life Centre’s one week residential 3 years ago. I found the facility was run by well meaning facilitators who were highly skilled in supporting me as a Catholic Institution abuse survivor. The Heal for life Centre’s program helped me understand my individual situation more fully and many other individuals that were on the 7 day course that had suffered child abuse in other ways not similar to mine. Through the unique platform this program offered, I and others healed by simply coming into contact with other child abuse survivors. The program was well structured to indicated and practically display through facilitation that safety and trust was its main foundation. What a gift! Through this program I found that my personal boundaries (as with many child abuse victims) need often times to be re-established with outside assistance in programs such as these and through counselling. I came away from this program feeling kinder to myself and have some new tools to assist me in living a fuller richer life in all aspects. Thank you to your Team.”

John Saunders, Author: ‘Sexual Abuse Survivors Handbook’

“As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I know how devastating such experiences are in a person’s life. My story includes fifteen years of bulimia, a nervous breakdown, two years in a psychiatric centre, several serious suicide attempts and a broken marriage. In more recent years as a counsellor and whilst pastoring three different churches, I have met a lot of broken people. To have Heal for Life Foundation to both continue my own healing journey and to refer others to, is like having heaven on our doorstep. The gentle, balanced, compassionate way wounded people are embraced and lovingly supported in their journey to wholeness is, I believe, without equal. This is a safe place where beautiful things happen. I am so glad to have discovered this organisation.”

Rev Pamela Pearson

“As I continue on my healing journey I am incredibly thankful to Heal for Life which has saved my life.

Instead of pain, grief, confusion, loneliness, shame, sadness, darkness, blackness, fear, anxiety and depression

I now know and live with peace, acceptance,happiness, wonder, joy, purpose, belonging, commitment, delight, butterfly moments and an astounding appreciation of nature.

More than anything I know who I am, understand who I am, believe and trust who I am and I can finally love me, my family and my friends.

I am truly thankful to Heal for Life for assisting and supporting me in my journey from a survivor of sexual abuse as a young child to a happy responsible adult who wakes up every morning wanting to embrace each new day and all it has to offer.

Thank you Heal for Life and may you continue to offer Healing Weeks to help fellow survivors on their healing journey.
Keep up your wonderful work.”

Anna, Western Australia (2014)

“I have been lost in a world of chaos and misery my entire life courtesy of an abusive upbringing. Throughout my entire adult life I have sought out the services of many mental health professionals in a bid to relieve myself of the terrible pain I have endured. It would ultimately become obvious that no matter what type of certificate these professionals had hanging on their wall, they were either as lost as I was – or had no understanding of what I’ve been through due to having experienced no childhood abuse themselves. I live in Melbourne and flew to Newcastle for my first healing week in October 2013. I say with hand on heart that it is the first experience I have had where the people ‘get it’. I will attend further healing weeks to continue my healing. My advice to you, if you have been living a life of pain like I have, is to do the healing week”

Scott Briggs (2014)

“Heal for life has been exceptionally helpful in my recovery. The week I spent at the retreat in the Hunter Valley was transformational.

At Heal for Life I learnt how to integrate my trauma and de-trigger my anxiety. The format of the program was exceptional. The facilitators were kind, supportive, professional, stable people who genuinely cared. The atmosphere was nurturing, informative, respectful and allowing. I believe the program need to be expanded so as to benefit more people in our society who are at the mercy of their trauma.

Since Heal For Life I have enrolled in university to study law, with the aim of acting within the area of social justice. The confidence and contentment I now experience in my daily life is remarkably significant and I am certain that my recovery is powerful and ongoing. I have consequently recommended the program to other friends in need of healing and they have gone through the program and have had a remarkable recoveries as well.”

Lucy Donnellan (2014)

“Mayamurri at the time of both my healings truly saved my life and blessed my soul from the harsh destructive life I was living after 14 years of sexual abuse!”

Rebecca (2014)

“Heal For Life has given me many answers and skills to help me to live in a healthy, adult state. It’s not about reliving my life. It’s about addressing issues that come up and dealing with those issues themselves and not just the emotional symptoms on the surface, or using unhealthy strategies in life to cope, for example, throwing myself into work and neglecting a balanced lifestyle. It’s taught me how to de-trigger from an emotional state, how to find out what that stems from and what to do to deal with the issue in a healthy and safe way. This has given me a clearer mind and the ability to manage my life in a much healthier way than I have done in the past. I highly recommend the Healing Week. I have done several weeks and learnt many new things each time.”

Susan, Central Coast (2014)

“After 40 years of mental and emotional ill health following a childhood of trauma, I finally came across Heal for Life. I’d tried every healing modality available, spiritual/psychological/physical/emotional but nothing had worked. Heal for Life was a turn-around time for me. The environment was safe, warm and friendly. I saw for the first time how trauma affects the physicality of the brain and saw again for the first time, how it was possible to heal myself on a physically mental level. Again, for the first time, I saw myself as a sane and happy person waiting to happen. By the time I went to Heal for Life, I’d had six breakdowns and was consistently suicidal since age 16. I had a mental health diagnosis of Dissociative Disorder which played havoc with my life. This is now a part of my life I enjoy and manage really well. Responding to life from a place of a traumatised child had brought more trauma into my life and it was plain that this pattern was to continue. Since Heal for Life, the pattern has dissolved. There has been more wellness and happiness in the 18 months since completing a week at Heal for Life than in the previous 54 years combined. I have four daughters, all moving into adulthood. I’ve encouraged each one to be a guest of this incredible program. I have referred a few friends onto Heal for Life and they too have had huge breakthroughs in their lives. Personally, I think this program should be part of first year high school for every student, it should be part of every Rehabilitation Program and each mental health facility. I can think of nothing else that would have such a positive impact on traumatised people – no matter what their gender orientation, spiritual path or past experiences.”

Sunflower, Mullumbimby NSW (2014)

“The heal for life experience is what is says ‘ Heals you for the rest of your life’. I know there are many people in the world looking for help through their doctors. The doctors will give out prescription medication for many mental health issues. This is clearly a huge medical error. The answer is ‘Heal for Life’. If you are suffering from childhood trauma, contact Heal for Life to do their program. It will change your life. I have done the heal for life program. Heal for life helps you deal with your triggers and allows you to free your emotions without restricting and inhibiting your emotions. You relax and share your experience with others whom have had similar experience. The group settings are very supportive and the carers are excellent in attending to your physical, mental and emotional needs. If you think you don’t have any problems but you are aware you have experienced trauma in you life, heal for life will give you the tools. The majority of the time when we have come out of trauma we are unconscious until we deal with these emotions, after this process we become conscious (aware) of our thought patterns. When I became conscious of why I make decisions that are not good choices, after doing the heal for life program everything in my life became easier to resolve because I dealt with my trauma. If you choose to do the heal for life programs you will live a happy and healthy life. If you wait and hold back, you will suffer for longer and time is running out. The quicker you join Heal for life, the more benefit you will get out of life. Please be in it today for a holistic life. Enjoy your journey and take care of number one.”

Naimea Jacobs (2014)

“I am proud to say that I have attended a healing week a Heal For Life. Heal For Life gave me a new chance, the chance to start again for MYSELF. I can now live life without having the damage caused by people in my childhood, control my adulthood and my decisions in life’s journey. I am now strong, confident and ready to take on new challenges. I would encourage anyone to attend a healing week, I was afraid of the unknown before I went, but now I know it was worth the fear to receive freedom from the abuse that never left.”

Wanda Matthews (2014)

“I wanted to share with you the profound sense of peace that I achieved during my time with Heal for Life, a peace that I have carried with me ever since. I do not say this lightly, as I have lost count of how much therapy I have done to bring healing to myself. What I achieved in my time with you was an acceptance of myself as ‘good enough’ just as I am, and a rare feeling of community with others who have suffered. I was deeply moved, too, by the deep healing that I witnessed in those around me, most of whom had never participated in any healing program before. I still bring to mind the beautiful grounds where I stayed, whenever I need to find some inner strength. And the little fluffy rabbit that I took home with me still sits beside my bed, as a reminder to me every day of my time with you. I look forward to returning again one day. Thank you.”

Kristine (2014)
“I came to Heal For Life in distress, wounded, and in despair; I didn’t know if it would be possible (or if) to ever feel ‘normal in life’ – to feel healed, to feel resolved, relief . to naturally feel anything other than pain, sadness and depression. But from the moment I contacted HFL I sensed caring, compassion and a soft place to land. (I couldn’t comprehend this before). But 5 days later I feel light, love, laughter, joy, release – and relief. I’m connected and can’t even remember how those sad feelings felt such a short time ago. I am grateful and can enjoy life. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I love this place!”

Viv Barrington (2014)

“If someone had told me that my life could change so much in just 5 days by talking and listening I would have said ‘b……t’. My wife discovered this program on the internet while I was in rehab, after another relapse due to underlying issues that were not addressed when I first challenged my addictions in 2010. 25 years of abuse and drugs/alcohol spiralled out of control after my 10 y.o. son passed away. This, coupled with childhood trauma, addiction and failing mental and physical health forced me into a world of isolation and darkness which very nearly killed me. That all changed in 2013 when I came to HFL and confronted my greatest fear (triggering details omitted). I am now able to live rather than just exist, thanks to this place. I will never forget my stay here.”

Adam (2013)

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