Dr Christine Edwards has told us Heal For Life is probably the most researched mental health program in Australia. Studies conclude our programs have beneficial outcomes and we are proud of this. We will continue participating in extensive research over the next five years to provide further evidence of the success of our work.  Learning will be applied by incorporating new knowledge and research into practice to further improve the effectiveness of our programs.

There are currently two separate research projects being conducted by two Ph. D students from the University of Newcastle. Results will be published when they are complete.

Completed Research

Evaluation Report of the Eva House Drug and Alcohol Program

Independent study funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education in 2012.  This report presents the findings of the independent evaluation of the Hennessy House Drug and Alcohol Program (please note Hennessy House was formerly known as Eva House).

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Heal for Life Healing Program 2005 to 2009

An independent evaluation of the adult program carried out by Dr. C Edwards. This research was presented at various high profile conferences both in Australia and the USA. The report includes a longitudinal study carried out over four years by Liz Mullinar.  Although the results cannot be said to prove permanent healing from mental illness they certainly indicate the results of a healing week are long term.

Heal for Life Qualitative Research Report

An independent qualitative study on our parenting program funded by the Federal Government. The research objectives were to understand and assess the value parents feel they have gotten from a Healing Week in terms of their parenting and to evaluate the perceived effects of the Parenting Week and how it might build on the Healing week experience.

We are very proud of the results of all of the research.

Research Bulletin

A free bulletin with the latest research on childhood trauma: trauma, recovery and growth is available for those who wish to subscribe.

Past Research Bulletins

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