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When one survivor heals from trauma, their family and community heal too

Your donation can help change the lifetime outcomes for entire families and communities. 

Become a Guardian Angel

You can help end the cycle of trauma and abuse
for as little as $2 per week

When you help one survivor heal, you are saving a life and changing the lives of their children and family

 Childhood trauma and abuse is linked to severe mental ill-health, addiction, homelessness and unemployment. Research is clear that when children are born into families where these problems exist, it is likely that these issues will repeat, generation after generation.

Select the “regular” payment option of $100 annually or $8 monthly, to become a Guardian Angel today.

Your donation helps families experiencing severe financial hardship

We help people access a Heal For Life program when they are most in need of support and ready to heal for life

Most families who are referred to Heal For Life programs are impacted by  mental illness, addiction, chronic disease and homelessness which has lead to unemployment or severe financial hardship. As we do not receive government funding, we rely on the generous donations of individuals and organisations to fund programs for people who cannot afford to pay

Where your money goes

You can choose to specify the survivor group you are most passionate about supporting. We care about the goals you have for your donation and would love to include you as much or as little as you would like in our activities to help you make a difference in the lives of others.



Adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse hold the power to change outcomes for the next generation.
You can help end the cycle of intergenerational trauma by funding an adult to attend a program.



You can fund a child aged 8 - 11yrs who has experienced childhood trauma or abuse so they can learn that they deserve love and care and that they have the power choose a positive direction for their lives.


Teen Boys

Teen boys aged 12 - 17 yrs who have experienced trauma and abuse need your support to develop a sense of self worth and security that will protect them from mental illness. Suicide is rife amongst young men and trauma is a major contributor.

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Teen Girls

Teen girls aged 12 - 17 yrs need your support to develop self worth and safe, loving relationships with themselves and others - this protects them from mental illness and the likelihood of being subject to future violence and abuse.

Brands and Organisations

We can work with your organisation to support your corporate social responsibility goals and engage your staff.

Trauma is common. It is likely that many of your staff and leadership have been touched by trauma or abuse at some point in their lives. Without you realising, many carry the scars of those experiences today.

We can help your organisation align your brand with this important issue, and help engage your staff in activities that inspire them and give them purpose. As trauma has touched just about every person on the planet in one way or another, it is an issue that bonds.

Donate Supplies and Services

Do you have art or creative supplies, food, furniture or equipment that could be useful for maintaining a rural property?

We welcome goods and services that can help us with the operational costs of running Heal For Life. Please contact us if you are in a position to give.

Volunteer with Heal for Life

We are always looking for people to lend a hand.

 It doesn’t matter what your skill set is or interests are, our team can work with you to ensure your time has an impact. If you’re inspired to give your time, would would love to hear from you.

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