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Due to the current restrictions in place surrounding COVID19, our upcoming Healing Weeks are unable to run for the foreseeable future. At this stage we are planning for recommencement in July 2020. Below are a variety of options we can offer you as alternatives;

Psychology Appointments
Psychologist Sharon Smith works at the Heal For Life Trauma Centre in Broadmeadow, NSW and can offer sessions face to face, video call or telephone. These services are bulked billed under a Mental Heal Care Plan which can be obtained from your GP, these can be obtained via phone now also without the need of a face to face appointment with the GP.

Private Retreat
This is a personal, one on one version of the Healing Week, can be delivered as 3, 4 or 5 days. Private Retreats are $1000 a day, in some cases, NDIS or Victim Services will cover the costs Private Retreat for their clients.

Mid to Late 2020 Healing Week
you can opt to attend a Healing Week later in the year when we are able to run them again.

Please called the office on 02 4998 6003 for additional information or questions.  

The team here at Heal For Life wanted to send you a note of reassurance in these unknown times. 

As an essential services provider, our services will continue as normal. Your mental health is important to us and we will continue to provide support for our clients & guests until otherwise directed. 

Our Broadmeadow Centre will still be open for psychologists appointments as normal. In addition to this, we can also offer appointments to be carried out via phone/skype or zoom for anyone who meets the MBS Telehealth Services criteria, all of which will be bulk billed. If you would like to check if you qualify for Telehealth Services, please call the office on 02 4998 6003

We do lovingly ask, if you attend appointments, that you adopt the below simple steps; 

– Clean your hands thoroughly & frequently
– Cover your nose & mouth when sneezing with a tissue or a flexed elbow
– Avoid close contact – social distancing stipulates 1.5 metres or 2 arms lengths
– Stay home – if you are presenting with any cold or flu like symptoms. 

We are following the current requirements issued by the Australian Government very closely and should anything change, we will advise you as soon as we can. 

Warmly, The HFL Team

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