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Ongoing Healing From Trauma Webinar

Thursday 5pm Nov 4th- Jan 6th

10 sessions held on Thursdays at 5 pm. Space is limited register now:

We all know the basics of healing, but we often forget them in the chaos of life.  Heal For Life’s founder Liz Mullinar AM presents an interactive webinar series featuring an intimate group of 12 people to make you feel more connected and provide you with a safe space to re-engage with the process of healing. 

The webinars will be held via Zoom at 5pm weekly. Run time is approx. 75 mins, this is inclusive of question/discussion time. 
This webinar series is perfect for those who have attended Healing Weeks with us previously and are looking to continue on their journey. 
If you haven’t previously attended a Healing Week, click the link below.

What will be covered in the Webinar Series?

Webinar Series

Presented by Liz Mullinar AM
$ 250
Limited Spaces Available
  • All ten core sessions
  • One hour sessions
  • Interactive

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Heal For Life – Chapter 2:
Defining Trauma & Self Healing

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