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Private Retreat Registration

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  • Your healing program booking will be confirmed once we have received:
    1. your registration form and
    2. your initial registration fee or payment.

    To avoid disappointment, PLEASE only make travel or leave from work bookings after you have received your confirmation.

    Before you start to complete practical information you will need to read and agree to our key safety principles. This is to ensure that Heal For Life is a safe place for all. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    KEY SAFETY PRINCIPLES - Number 1 is not relevant to guests who are completing a fully private retreat. For those wishing to register for a private retreat with other participants, we ask you to fully consider if you can agree to abide by these principles - they are a requirement for the safety of all our guests.

    1. I agree to keep totally confidential anything I hear about other people during the week. You need to agree to keep people's identities and any information they may choose to share with you confidential. This is so people can feel safe to be vulnerable and honest with themselves and others.

    2. I agree to NOT bring any alcohol or illicit drugs to the healing week. We ask that you are "clean" for at least a month before your visit so you can feel your feelings, stay grounded and have no possibility of withdrawals during the healing week. If you are taking prescription medication (e.g. anti-depressants) DO NOT STOP taking them immediately prior or while you are here. Please bring your prescribed medication with you. You must be responsible for looking after your own medication. Please clearly label your medication with your name and the used by date.

    3. I agree to not leave the property during the healing week. If you leave the property for any reason during the week you will be unable to complete that particular healing week. This is because we have found that taking breaks from the Healing Week is disruptive and can distract not just you but also your fellow guests from healing. You will be welcome to attend a healing week at another time.

    4. I am committed to my healing and will avoid distractions. It's important to be here for yourself and not to satisfy family members or others. We ask that you avoid distractions so that you can enter into the healing week, and receive the maximum benefit. For this reason there are no TVs, newspapers, radios, magazines or games. We ask that you do not bring novels, laptops or bring any of your usual work or study with you as it might distract you, and others, from healing.

    5. I understand and accept that I will not be able to keep or use my mobile phone during the week. Group safety is our first concern and we have found that if any guest uses a mobile phone during the week, it breaks the sense of safety for everyone. We have also found that it is hard to concentrate on yourself if you are phoning family, friends or work colleagues. We will therefore ask you to leave your mobile phone in our care during the week. Of course if there is a special need, we are happy to discuss this with you. As you will not be able to use your mobile as an alarm or to play music, we suggest you bring an alarm clock with you. IPod or MP3 players are only to be used at night to help you sleep. Earphones to be used at all times.

    6. I understand that if I self harm I may be asked to leave. Self-harm is a way some of us abuse ourselves. Our healing program is designed to help you develop alternative effective coping mechanisms.

    7. I understand that sexualised behaviour is inappropriate here. Sexual behaviours are not just about sex. They include any talk, touch, questions, conversations and interests which relate to sexuality and relationships. So that everyone can feel safe and focus on their healing, we ask that there be no sexualised behaviour including nudity or partial nudity; no sexual activity; kissing; flirting; sexual jokes or innuendos during the healing program.

    8. I understand that if I behave in an unsafe manner I may be asked to leave. I have provided the name of an emergency contact person you can contact if this is the case. Although very rare, occasionally we have had to ask guests to leave as abuse of any kind is not tolerated. This includes swearing or shouting at someone, derogatory comments or using intimidating body language. Heal For Life Foundation is committed to providing a safe place for survivors who did not experience a sense of safety in childhood. It is vital that all members of the group work together peacefully and lovingly and take full responsibility for their part in any conflict.

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