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6 Week Online Healing Series

26 August to 30 September

The 6 Week Online Healing Series is a great introductory course if you are considering doing a healing week but circumstances of distance or commitments prevent that at this time.

The course is for anyone who wants to start on their own healing journey and is in need of learning some basic tools. It can help you to feel better and more in control of yourself and your life. Each week will cover a different topic.

There will be a maximum of twelve participants to ensure safety and sense of confidentiality.

The presenter delivering the series will be Jessica Frisina PostGradDip Psych., MEdPsych.

Jessica is a psychologist who has experience in research and practice settings working with a range of presentations. Jessica is particularly interested in trauma and educational spaces to provide others with the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their lives.

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$ 150
  • Includes all 6 sessions
  • Limited to 12 participants per group

Learn to Meditate with Demi

Every Monday at 7pm

Join us for a night of Relaxation and Rejuvenation to set some healthy Intentions for the weeks ahead with our new Online Mediation Series.

Over the course of 6 weeks you will gather useful tools for your everyday life which will assist you to maintain a positive vibe while continuing your healing journey.

Each session will leave you more relaxed, allowing for a calmer mind, to have more clarity and focus for the week ahead. This will then build on what you already know or give you space to open your mind larger to new concepts.

You can expect to have more positive energy to support you along your journey for the week and you will be filled with Love, Light and a sense of Peace.

Who is Demi?

Demeter has 20 years of experience in the Wellbeing industry and has been facilitating meditation for 15 years to a variety of groups across Australia. Demi has a background in Aged care nursing and is now a Reflexologist. She is a Spiritual teacher and mentor and is also finalising her diploma of counselling. Demi is also a Heal for life volunteer and has supported many survivors on their healing journeys.

The 6-week package includes 

Week 1 – Monday 2 August (duration 1.5 hrs)

“Welcome & Introduction”

Introduction to our Energy system and how it all works so that you can have a better understanding about How and Why it’s a good idea to Meditate. Learning some Breathing techniques to support your nervous system calm down.

Week 2 – Monday 9 August (duration 1 hr)

“The power of sound frequencies”

Using sound to help clear the mind, the body, your home, your office etc….

Setting up a meditation space in your home or wherever is safe for you to do so

The power of having a regular meditation practice to support you on your healing journey

Week 3 – Monday 16 August (duration 1 hr)

“Calmer Mind”

How to manage your thoughts, beliefs and feelings in your everyday life, lets also look at Judgement so you can have a calmer mind and self.

Week 4 – Monday 23 August (duration 1 hr)

“Not feeling Good Enough”

Let’s work on this belief system and start to shift into feeling good enough exactly as you are.  Remembering that what has happened to us is not our fault.

Week 5 – Monday 30 August (duration 1 hr)

“Grounding and feeling connected”

The importance of being in our bodies and feeling connected to the earth as well so that you can have a more fulfilling lifeLearn a very simple yet powerful grounding technique to grow your inner strength to have stability and to feel safe in your life and in this world.

Week 6 – (duration 1 hr)

“Self-Care and Self Love”

What does this look like for you?

How to become more in tune with yourself

What are some practices for you to take away and grow in more love of self?


Package includes all 6 weeks for $90.00


Casual sessions $20.00 each








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