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Living In Community

On programs we aspire to live as a loving, healthy, functioning community​

 Guests, peer support volunteers and facilitators join together in all aspects of the healing program, including spiritual reflections, preparing and sharing meals and community work.

Participating in a loving community helps build your self-esteem, self-respect and often provides a renewed feeling of self-worth.

As part of living in a healthy community, each person is encouraged and expected to be responsible for their own actions, emotions and behaviour –  and take responsibility for their healing in order to regain their own power. 

Guests are supported to develop their own insights, make their own decisions and choices and realise they have the answers within themselves.

Join Us for Monthly Reflections

Every month, the Heal For Life community gathers at Mayumarri for a community day.

These events centre on a relevant theme and guests from past healing programs come from across Australia come to participate. The public is welcome at these events.

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Heal For Life – Chapter 2:
Defining Trauma & Self Healing

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