Our Mission

Empowering people to heal from childhood trauma and child abuse.

Our Vision

  • To be a centre of excellence for healing from childhood trauma, depression and anxiety.
  • To be a valuable resource for survivors and their families, available through all media forms.
  • To assist survivors of childhood trauma without discrimination by age, gender, sexuality, physical ability, spiritual beliefs or cultural background.
  • To have all healing programs run by survivors of childhood trauma.
  • To have survivor-facilitators of the highest professional standards, supported by committed loving trained peer support volunteers.
  • To have a nationally-accredited training course for survivors, so Heal For Life Foundation philosophies can influence the way victims of child abuse and childhood trauma are healed.
  • To encourage change in the way parenting and child-rearing is approached in Australia.
  • To change the way perpetrators are treated in this country, showing a more compassionate view than that currently encouraged.
  • To operate an effective outreach program.
  • To promote a better understanding of the affects of childhood trauma and abuse , encouraging people to see the connection between diagnosis such as Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts and their childhood.
  • To facilitate the program within Indigenous communities.