Where is Heal For Life?

Our main centre is situated on 340 acres of rural land just outside of Cessnock, about an hour west of Newcastle in the Hunter Valley region of NSW and comprises separate centres for our Adult, Youth, Children and Private healing programs. We also hold programs at venues in West Australia and now the Philippines and UK 

Why is Heal For Life unique?

Nowhere else in the world are there healing centres run entirely by trained and qualified survivors of childhood trauma for survivors childhood trauma and child abuse. Heal For Life provides a safe place for the healing journey – a place where survivors can be themselves; where everyone understands their pain.

 Why do guests come?

  • Because they are suffering from depression, anxiety and other impacts from their childhood trauma.
  • Ready to face their childhood trauma  and child abuse issues (abandonment, neglect, physical/emotional/sexual/spiritual abuse).
  • For our Recovery Model of mental health healing rather than the Management Model which relies on medications only.
  • To discover that, despite what you feel, you can heal.
  • Referrals from friends, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors.
  • Affordable

Services provided by the Foundation.

  • Residential healing programs for adults and youth
  • Trauma Centre in Newcastle with psychologists and counsellors
  • Training in Trauma Informed Practice for health service providers, schools, teachers and carers
  • Indigenous services- culturally appropriate healing programs and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families and communities
  • Education – Advanced therapeutic skills certificate

Childhood Trauma: Why it’s our most costly social issue…

“Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, denied, misunderstood and untreated cause of human suffering” Dr Peter Levine: Doctorate degrees in Medical Biophysics, Psychology. Author: “Waking the Tiger”.