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A Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words

A Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words

As I move through my healing journey, I am discovering more about who I am and what I believe, about myself and the world.

This week, as I sat down to write my blog entry, I simply could not find the words to say what I wanted and needed to say.

Repeating over and over in my mind was the phrase;

“The lies will not define who I am and what I can be”

I sat down and began to sketch and this is what came out.

During my stay at Heal for Life, I was fortunate enough to discover my love of drawing and painting. Art has always been quite healing for me, even when I didn’t know it was. In saying that, before arriving at Heal for Life I had totally lost my passion and drive to be creative….I had a major blockage!

Through connecting with my thoughts, feelings and emotions while on my first healing week my creative block disappeared. In retrospect, maybe I couldn’t express myself through painting and drawing because I was scared what would come out.

I now love and appreciate the fact I can express my inner most thoughts and feelings visually, if I don’t feel like writing or talking.

As I was drawing my picture today, I was concentrating on letting go of my old, negative beliefs about my whole self and adopting a more positive self-image. I was thinking about all the negative words that were said (originally by others) and now by me to myself.

Now I am faced with the overwhelming task of challenging the lies and untruths I was told as a thirteen year old girl. Until today, I didn’t fully understand how deeply ingrained in my own self-image and beliefs all that was.

So from today I am going to challenge myself to accept compliments and praise, not with a grimace but with a thank you!

Until next week,

Big love & hugs……T…xoxox




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