We believe everyone has the right to Heal For Life

Our residential programs empower people to heal from childhood trauma.

Trauma can cause mental illness and addiction

If you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, overwhelming emotional pain, relationship issues, or just struggling to cope with ‘normal’ life – you may benefit from a trauma recovery program.

Our independently evaluated trauma recovery programs have helped over 8,500 people to heal. We can help you too.

Healing Programs

We empower you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to heal and feel hopeful about your future.

Our programs have been carefully designed to help you understand the impact trauma has had on your life. Each program honours your intuitive knowledge and incorporates the latest research about the impact of trauma on the brain.

Over 96% of Heal for Life program attendees rated their experience as ‘life-changing’ or ‘very positive’.


Our programs empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to heal and find hope and joy in your everyday life.


We provide the skills and support that kids and teenagers need to heal from childhood trauma or abuse, and turn their lives around.


Our team understands what it takes to heal and can provide a personalised retreat to support your trauma recovery.

Why health professionals refer to our programs

We empower survivors to heal the painful emotional triggers that can impact their ability to engage with  services or therapy.  After a Heal For Life program, health professionals tell us their clients are more receptive and resourced to help themselves.

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Book a session with our trauma centre counsellors

We can help you understand your trauma responses and heal them to experience new levels of empowerment and enjoyment in your life.

Our counsellors and psychologists are either survivors of childhood trauma or are trained by survivors to understand what you and other survivors need to feel safe and validated.

Neuroscience based, independently evaluated

Our model is based on the latest research in neuroscience and is aligned with recommendations from the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health. 

Independent evaluation has found that our program is responsible for long-term, statistically significant improvements in mental health, emotional and social functioning and improved pain and vitality scores.


Run by Survivors for Survivors, supervised by Registered Psychologists

Our programs are supervised and run by qualified health professionals who are also survivors of childhood trauma or abuse.
This is called ‘peer support’ and it’s universally recognised to be an essential part of trauma recovery. We understand what it takes to heal because we have walked that journey ourselves.

Get the book: Heal For Life, by Liz Mullinar

How to Heal Yourself from the Pain of Childhood Trauma and Abuse

‘Heal for Life’ is a practical guidebook for survivors of childhood trauma or abuse, based on our successful model of trauma-informed self healing that has already empowered thousands of survivors to find inner peace and hope for a brighter future. This book is highly recommended by survivors and mental health professionals alike.

Available in eBook and physical copies. Shipped worldwide.

Heal For Life conveys everything you need to know about healing from childhood trauma. The enormity and excitement of reading a book on healing of this calibre left me with a huge feeling of hope. Survivors need to find tools, knowledge and a way to heal to go forward in life, this book provides this.

Lorraine Hall, Author of Our Little Secret

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